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While freelancing represents a large percentage of the United States workforce and is on a steady rise in Europe, the global trend is clear: from innovative upstarts to those paid for individual tasks. Freelancing has proven to be a viable solution for a sustainable and in some cases, supplemental income.

As the global telecom industry is vigorously advancing, employment opportunities in technology are expected to increase by 12 percent by 2024. Obtaining a new job in an oversaturated market is never an easy task and requires an upgraded skill set. There’s a litany of employment opportunities in the telecom and information technology (IT) industries. Both require an advanced skill-set yet offer valuable opportunities for independent workers. The key to profitability for both workers and businesses is productivity. In this Article “The Top 25 Freelance Jobs Hiring Near Me In 2018” we have come up with the detail list of the 25 top freelance jobs in the global marketplace

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